Why the FBI went away from the term ‘Black identity extremism’: Security expert

Why the FBI went away from the term ‘Black identity extremism’: Security expert

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Center for Security Policy’s Kyle Shideler provided insight following the Brooklyn subway shooting on the state of “politicization” within law enforcement on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

KYLE SHIDELER: Let’s go back in time so we can figure out how this happened. The FBI has published 2017, an intelligence assessment about “Black identity extremism”. This assessment was very good. It examined what caused individuals to target law enforcement, especially after Ferguson and during Black Lives Matter’s rise. They did a great job studying this ideology. It’s a moderately well-done piece of work, but it’s very impressive. It works fine and the FBI uses it until 2019, when a congressional briefing exposes that the FBI is using the term. This causes a number of left-wing organizations such as the ACLU or Brennan Center for Justice, to get upset. There are a lot of media pieces. Then there are congressional hearings. The FBI quickly backs away, saying, “Oh we’re sorry.” We won’t use that term again. We will use another term. We’ll use another term. The problem with bureaucracy is that if you don’t know how to name it, you can’t deal. It can’t be investigated. It can’t be analysed. It’s impossible to see what you’re seeing in a suspect’s social media. Because of the politicization of our law enforcement, both our FBI and police don’t have the ability understand what they’re seeing when it comes to threats like Frank James.


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