Visit Nacogdoches, TX

Visit Nacogdoches, TX

Nacogdoches is a top-ten tourist spot in Texas. There are many unique dining options, from the most well-known burger and barbeque restaurants in the area to more luxurious dining options. Nacogdoches offers a variety of cuisines in its casual, family-friendly restaurants.

You might not expect to find diverse cuisines like Asian-fusion or Filipino food at the Oldest Town in Texas. But, we’re full o’ surprises.

Barkeeps pad thai

Explore the Pineywoods and enjoy delicious options such as Barkeeps Eatery&Taps. They offer a wide range of Asian-inspired food, including a variety for every budget. If the house-made Pho and Korean Bulgogi Tacos are not appealing to you, Maklemore’s Ale House & Bistro with its delicious Fried Mak ‘n’ cheese balls will. Maklemore’s is a popular spot for weekend entertainment. They often have live music and offer specials on their rotating beer selection.

High res Maklemores

If you’re in Texas you’re probably searching for good barbecue. We have it. Brendyn’s BBQ began as a food truck that catered to local wineries and also parked at their parking lot. Brendyn’s success was fueled by articles in Texas Monthly magazines. These articles helped him open his brick and mortar location in Downtown Nacogdoches. Visitors are familiar with the name even before they arrive. Locals are equally fond of it. For the complete experience, order the Pig Apple with potato salad and, if you’re lucky enough, a fresh batch jalapeno pepperjack sausage.

Clear Springs Onion Rings

We’re Southerners and we know how to make a good fried chicken. Clear Springs has the best Onion Rings, as well as Chicken Fried Steaks and Fried Catfish. Auntie Pastas is a quirky eatery that serves craft cocktails and Italian classics with a twist. Auntie Pastas is voted the best place to go on a first date in Nacogdoches. It offers a “Filet Gorgonzola”, a tenderloin of beef topped with gorgonzola cheese, and a balsamic reduction.

Auntie Pastas Filet Gorgonzola

Visitors to The Fredonia Hotel, a mid-century modern masterpiece are always impressed by the facilities and restaurants. To learn more about this boutique luxury hotel, check out our Restaurant Spotlight.

Nacogdoches has been home to many food trucks, including La Biblioteca Coffee and Shali’s Indian Kitchen On Wheels. Mobile eateries rotate through various venues in town, including the Fredonia Brewery and Red House Winery as well as Front Porch Distillery. Nacogdoches was so impressed by the variety of food trucks that “Nac Snack Friday” was made a monthly event. You can find 4-5 trucks at the Downtown Square for lunch or dinner every Friday with live music in evening. Food trucks from all over the region are invited to join the event. Our food trucks are unique in their ability to bring a unique flavor and personal touch that sets us apart. Janae Osborn is the owner of Rice Queen Street Food. She took her Korean grandmother’s recipes but added her own flair to it. Nacogdoches fell for her creations, such as “Bungeo–Ppang,” a sweet vegan waffle shaped like a fish and filled with peanut butter, jellies and other fun fillings. The Rice Queen is always bringing new recipes to her customers, keeping them excited to try something different.


Nacogdoches is known for its history, charm, and natural beauty. But there’s more to the Oldest Town of Texas: it’s also a delicious side. We’ll delight your taste buds and make you feel relaxed. Let us help you plan your trip at

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