Top 9 Free AI Tools That Make Your Life Easier

Top 9 Free AI Tools That Make Your Life Easier

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First one on the list is It is an AI-based copywriter tool. It is an AI-based copywriter tool.

For tutorials go to their official Youtube channel .An awesome tool that is going to be really handy in the future.

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Ai picture colorizer , turns your black and white photo into color. There are also tools to remove background, enlarge photos, and much more. Check it out.

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Deep-nostalgia became very popular on the internet when people started

making reaction videos of their parents reacting to animated pictures of their grandparents. So deep – nostalgia is a very cool app, that will animate any photo of a person.

So what makes it really cool is that fact that you can upload an old photo of your family and see them animate and living. Which is pretty cool and creepy at the same time if they are dead already.. Really amazing service from myheritage, I created a lot of cool animations with my old photos as well as with the photos of my grandparents.

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Having a nice looking profile picture is really important if you want that professional feel in your socials. Whether in linkedin or twitter having a

distinct and catchy profile picture can make all the difference. So that’s where pfpmaker comes in. it a free online tool to create amazing professional profile pictures that fits you. It generates a lot of profile pictures and you can also make small changes to already created profile pictures if you want to,as well.

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Speaking of brands, getting a good logo for your brand is the most frustrating

thing ever, so makes it super easy. It will create a logo to represent your brand within 2 mouse clicks. You are now on this website. Type in your brand name and slogan if you have any, and give BRAND KEYWORDS that relate to your brand, then pick a color style and done, the ai will

generate amazing logos for you.

You can also make minor edits to the suggested logos to better fit your needs as well. You will need to pay a lot to get the png, but this is a great place for ideas.

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Even in the previous websites, some had picture enlarger tools. a dedicated image enlarger that supports up to 4x enlargement. The interface is very intuitive and the tool produces amazing results.

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Bigjpg does the same as , but this service offers a little bit more options like if your photo is an artwork it scales image differently than normal photos and it supports upto 4x enlargement for free and you can also set noise reduction options. Very good tool,

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Lumen5 is an online marketing video maker that makes it really easy to create branding or informational videos within a couple of clicks. You can choose from a variety of aspect ratios and templates for different social media platforms.

You can also edit each element of the video if you don’t like the preset, and the best part is, they have a ton of , I mean a ton of free stock photos and videos.You can also upload your own videos or any type of media. This is a great tool for those who don’t know how after effects work, but still want to create amazing videos for their brand.

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If you are struggling to find good names for your brand or youtube channel, give

namelix a try. It’s an ai based name generator that will suggest good names for your brand depending on the keyword that you give.. Also logo for your brand. It’s a great tool. So that’s been it , those are my favourite free AI based tools that you can use right now,

Which one You like the most Let me know in the Comments below.

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