Thomas Rhett Says 6-Year-Old Daughter Is Asking ‘Intense’ Questions About Her Adoption

Thomas Rhett Says 6-Year-Old Daughter Is Asking ‘Intense’ Questions About Her Adoption thumbnail

During a recent interview for Hoda Kotb’s Making Space With Hoda Kotb podcast, Thomas Rhett said that his eldest daughter, 6-year-old Willa Gray, is beginning to ask “intense” questions about her adoption story. In 2017, the country singer and his wife, Lauren Akins, announced they had adopted Willa Gray from Uganda.



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Adoption is a commonality between the country star and Kotb, as both are parents to adopted children. The singer-songwriter and his wife Lauren are also parents to daughters Ada James, Lennon Love and Lillie Carolina. Kotb has two adopted daughters — Hope Catherine and Haley Joy.

Thomas Rhett noted that Willa Gray “has questions all the time” about her adoption story.

“I think when you become a parent, you’re like, ‘Well, I’m a dad, I have all the answers.’ Or, ‘I’m a mom, I have all the answers,’” he told Kotb.”And adoption is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and I don’t think at the beginning of it you go, ‘Oh, in six years I’m gonna have to start answering some really intense questions.’”

“You go, ‘Well, what age is the right age?’ Because the world is moving so fast that it’s like, to have a conversation with a 6-year-old like that, maybe I’m too old school to think that way, but I’m like, ‘Maybe we need to wait ’til she’s 10,’” he said. “She asks questions all the time, like, she talks to Lauren, like, ‘When can we go see my friends in Uganda?’ And then Ada James will be like, ‘Well, when can I go see our friends in Uganda?’ And Willa Gray will be like, ‘Well, they’re not your friends, they’re my friends.’ I love the innocence that they have. They haven’t been jaded by the world. They don’t see things like adults see things. [I think] ‘How can I keep this innocence alive for as long as possible?’”

Thomas Rhett released his latest album, Where We Started — which features not only a duet with Katy Perry on the title track, but also the excellent track “Death Row” (featuring Russell Dickerson and Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard) — and a song inspired by Thomas Rhett’s daughters, titled “Mama’s Front Door,” on April 1.

Listen to the country star and Kotb’s chat below:

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