‘The Masked Singer’ Sets ‘Christmas Sing-A-Long’ Special

‘The Masked Singer’ Sets ‘Christmas Sing-A-Long’ Special

The holiday special will air Wednesday December. 7.

Amber Riley wins

Amber Riley wins “The Masked Singer” 2022


It’s the time of year for giving, and The Masked Singer doing just that.

As season eight of Fox‘s quirky singing contest wraps, with Harp declared the champion, The Masked Singer announces a special Christmas extravaganza.

The Masked Singer Christmas Sing-A-Long will air next week with new holiday-themed performances by Harp, Bride, The Lambs and Snowstorm, fun behind-the-scenes bloopers and celebrity shout-outs from across all seasons.



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The season proper of The Masked Singer came to its climax this Wednesday night (Nov. 30), with front-runner Harp declared the victor.

The judge’s favorite and the three-headed threat The Lambs fought for dominance in the two-hour finale. Despite finding perfect harmony on Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman,” the trio (Wilson Phillips) couldn’t handle the former Glee star and Broadway veteran Amber Riley, who performed Lady Gaga’s “The Edge of Glory” and John Mayer’s “Gravity.”

Speaking with Billboard on her win, Riley remarked, “It felt fitting because I am a queen anyway! [Laughs] Just kidding! It was cool and it felt great. We Americans don’t have kings or queens. I’ll accept a crown if you give it to me

The reality show’s format was drastically altered this year.

Each episode featured a new round of masked celebs. Only one contestant moved forward by the end. The audience also voted in-studio to vote for their favorite performance. The singer with the lowest votes was then unmasked in middle of show before moving on to the Masked Singer VIP section to view the rest of the episode.

There were many celebrities who participated in the event, including George Foreman, William Shatner, George Foreman and Chris Jericho.

The Masked Singer Christmas Sing-A-Long special will air next Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 8pm ET.

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