The best books that startup founders read in 2022

The best books that startup founders read in 2022

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We gift each other a lot of books each year. It’s a good habit, as more books make you more handsome, and books help support the arts. Or at least, quasi-vanity book publishers.

We’re wrapping up TechCrunch Book-A-Thon with a series recommendations from founders. Recounting the best books that entrepreneurs read in 2022 follows our list of recommendations from venture capitalists and the TechCrunch staff.

Naturally you’ll find a lot of business books listed below. You’ll also find recommendations from founders that go beyond the fiction and autobiographical realms. If you need even more book ideas, you can check out both parts of our 2021 list here and here.

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Founder book favorites, 2022 edition

Process Mining: Data Science in Action by Wil van der Aalst

  • Recommended by Alex Rinke, co-founder and co-CEO of Celonis.

His research changed my life and the course of my career. I was able to see a new way to run processes for companies all over the world after reading that book. This adventure involved me and my co-founders hand-writing over 1000 letters to top executives, driving around Germany in an old Opel Astra and many other things.

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