Sean Hannity rips Obama’s initiative on misinformation

Sean Hannity rips Obama’s initiative on misinformation

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Fox News host Sean Hannity tore into President Obama’s ‘misinformation and disinformation’ campaign’ Thursday night on “Hannity. “

SEAN HANNITY: Obama is now on a mission to combat, he says, ‘misinformation and disinformation,’ and this network has the largest reach of any other outlet. I think our viewers would love to hear his perspective on Hunter Biden’s laptop and the real money that the Biden family made selling the Obama White House.

And I’m sure they’d love to hear Barack’s take on why the media mob breathlessly pushed Hillary Clinton’s dirty misinformation dossier and the Russia collusion hoax for years. We got it right. They did it wrong. I was right about Obama’s radical associations. He didn’t want it to be heard. I’m sure they’d love to hear his take on disinformation surrounding Justice Kavanaugh, the verbal assault and slander and smearing of Nicholas Sandman, the mostly peaceful, violent riots during the summer of 2020, five hundred and seventy-four of them. Kyle Rittenhouse, please don’t shoot, Duke Lacrosse, UVA Freddie Gray, Baltimore, or, oh!, the stupidly acting Cambridge police officers. While we’re on the subject, President Obama, tell us what you think about Joe Biden. Politico says that you encouraged Biden to not run. You didn’t want him running. What did you know that others didn’t? Did you know that you cared more for him than the rest of the world? It wouldn’t surprise me if this was true.


Obama once even reportedly said quote, ‘Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to F things up.’ Obama is not going to answer any of these questions. Obama isn’t interested in fighting disinformation. Instead, he wants you to reshape the way you see the world. He wants you all to be far-left-wing, New Green Deal democratic socialists just like him.

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