Putin feeds his people a ‘steady diet of lies and disinformation’: State Department spokesman

Putin feeds his people a 'steady diet of lies and disinformation': State Department spokesman thumbnail

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State Department spokesman Ned Price joined “Special Report” Friday to discuss how the United States is working to spread the truth about the war to Russian civilians to combat their president’s propaganda.

NED PRICE: Public opinion within Russia is notoriously difficult to measure. Russia is essentially a closed society. Vladimir Putin holds a near-total command over all information organs, which may explain why his popularity is so high in some ratings and other metrics. This is because Vladimir Putin has given his people a steady diet full of lies, disinformation, and propaganda. It’s not surprising that the Russian people support his war effort against Ukraine. We have done a few things to achieve our goal of getting the truth and accurate information to Russia. Just a few days ago Secretary Blinken spoke with the Russian people via Telegram, a popular social media platform in Russia. We have appeared on Russian television. We used every tool at our disposal to counter this propaganda.


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