Pay phone: Nurkic fined $40K for fan phone toss

Pay phone: Nurkic fined $40K for fan phone toss

2: 43 PM ET

  • Associated Press

NEW YORK — The NBA fined Jusuf Nurkic of the Portland Trail Blazers $40,000 on Tuesday for confronting a fan at a game in Indiana and throwing the person’s cellphone.

The incident happened shortly after the game Sunday between the Blazers and the Pacers. Nurkic approached the fan and reached within a few feet of the person. He then took the cellphone and tossed it into the nearby seats.

It was unclear what caused the incident that lasted just a few seconds. After the phone was thrown, a security guard walked between Nurkic’s and the fan. At that point, the Blazers’ centre walked away.

Indiana won the game 129-98. Nurkic, who is known as “the Bosnian Beast”, did not play. Because of left foot plantar fasciitis, Nurkic has not played since mid February.

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