MSNBC’s Joy Reid and all Critical Race Theory advocates owe our children an apology

MSNBC’s Joy Reid and all Critical Race Theory advocates owe our children an apology

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Critical race theory and its proponents have dominated American society for more than four years. From corporations to classrooms, it’s everywhere and yet, those same proponents shout ‘racism’ when folks like myself have grave concerns over its effects on not just our nation, but our nation’s future: our children.

Functioning as more than a simple curriculum, CRT has resulted in the unfair treatment of underserved kids; brainwashing them to believe things like poor academic achievement and mediocracy is sufficient based on their ethnicity and socioeconomic status. CRT is fundamentally harmful to our nation’s youth by encouraging segregation, academic decline, and denial of the American Dream.


Empty Classroom In Elementary School. 

Elementary School: Empty Classroom
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I have seen first-hand the results of CRT on some of our nation’s most vulnerable youth at my organization, the Jack Brewer Foundation. My children, who are often from broken homes and without fathers, are often told at school that their F’s can be attributed to their socioeconomic status or race. These schools don’t address reading and math deficiencies. Some of these children are reading at a level that is three to four grades below the recommended reading level. Yet, they are still pushed through the school system. They don’t have any extra programming or specialized training that can help them with their learning disabilities.

No child should receive a D/F on a report card. A teacher should insist that they have made satisfactory academic progress because of demographics. This is the residuals from critical race theory, where your expected aptitude is based on your skin color.

Considering the realities my children are facing, it would be reasonable to expect that the Jack Brewer Foundation’s mission is not only uncontroversial, but also championed by Americans from all political spheres. In fact, we were invited by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in April to sign a bill to address the fatherhood crisis that is plaguing our country. Two weeks later, Governor DeSantis again invited us to sign another bill to combat CRT within our schools.

Although they were separate issues, these bills were intended to protect families and ensure that our nation’s children can achieve their dreams. My children were there to support the governor as he signed the bill.

However, sadly widespread support was not the case with Joy Reid. Joy Reid is a MSNBC political anchor who tweeted that “The (*] of Black boys was tantamount to child abusing. I would love to know more about the background of these children and how they ended up at a DeSantis event. This is a sickening way to use Black children, especially considering how anti-Black DeSantis has been. We immediately secured our children’s safety and privacy when we saw the tweet. As calls for their location grew in the media, our attention turned to Joy Reid. Our kids felt the greatest thing about being there when Governor DeSantis signed these bills. Now, they are being forced by Joy Reid’s vile comments to see their governor as a racist, anti-Black person.

Joy Reid speaks out about the “misuses of Black boys” as well as “anti-Blackness” but doesn’t seem the same energy when young Black boys in the school system that is based on CRT are being mistreated and degraded. This theory has her full endorsement. It is also beyond my comprehension that she would accuse me and the Jack Brewer Foundation workers of “child abuse” for children who volunteered to attend an event with the governor of their respective states.

However, I can’t say I’m surprised by her actions. CRT is so deplorable that positive things such as support for two-parent families or teaching our children that their skin color doesn’t determine their future are ignored. CRT suggests that instead of teaching our youth that skin color does not matter, we tell our White children that they are oppressors and teach our Black kids to be victims. We see the same thing outside the classroom in corporations, our military, and banks. For example, woke banks have been closing down accounts and refusing service to entire industries they don’t consider woke enough. GEO Group, as well as the oil and gas industry, are all suffering from the left’s woke agenda that knows no boundaries.


The left’s woke ideology must be stopped. The woke ideology that began in universities is now affecting every aspect of American life. It continues to affect our future, our children. If we don’t fight back, we will lose this country. Joy Reid will be held accountable for putting my children in danger. She can expect legal action. This is about the rightful apology. I don’t want any money from MSNBC or Joy Reid, but closure for my children given this whole situation.


We must return to the foundation our nation, the Holy Bible, that teaches us to love God with all our hearts and to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” Only then can we fulfill our nation’s pledge to “one nation, under God with liberty and justice, for all”. “


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