Kim Kardashian Slept Through Kourtney’s Practice Vegas Wedding, Found Out in Family Group Text

Kim Kardashian Slept Through Kourtney’s Practice Vegas Wedding, Found Out in Family Group Text

The Kardashian clan prepared for the debut of their new Hulu series. They stopped by Jimmy Kimmel live! was live on Wednesday, April 6th to discuss Kourtney’s surprise Las Vegas wedding and the sweet Valentine’s Day gift Pete Davidson gave Kim.


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“I was asleep,” Kim replied to Kimmel when she asked if Kimmel knew that Kourtney, their oldest sibling, was going to the Elvis chapel in an unofficial trial run of matrimony with her fiance Travis Barker Khloe said, “I was on FaceTime,” while Kris said that Khloe and Kris knew it was going down.

How did Kim finally discover the truth? Kim found out via the Kardashian fam groupchat. Kim said that her sister put it in the groupchat. Kendall was also present. It is worth noting that Kendall and Kourtney both said they often muted the group chat as “it’s a lot” sometimes. Khloe called it “vicious, crazy”, and said that any reality producer worth their salt would love to have the chat.

But Kim explained to us that she was just as shocked as the rest of us. “Like, ‘Oh hey guys! I got married last evening! She said that she woke up to a “million texts!” series of photos from the “I Do” drill on Wednesday. Kourtney uploaded a series of pics from the “I Do” drill on Wednesday, showing the happy couple in their dress leathers at the One Love Wedding Chapel, where an Elvis impersonator was on hand for the 2 a.m. ceremony.

The couple is not legally wed as they didn’t have a valid license. Kimmel was told by Kourtney that they couldn’t find one at that hour. “We asked five times, “What do we need to do to make it happen?” It was 2 a.m. and they said, “It opens at 8 a.m. ‘”

So they did it anyway because, as Kourtney said, “it’s what is in the heart that matters.” Kimmel gave the happy couple their first official wedding registry item, a set fine china with photos of them canoodling and kissing open-mouthed on the beach.

Kim also revealed that Davidson surprised her at V-Day with a super-sentimental gift. It harkens back to their October meet cute. She said that their Aladdin-themed bit on SNL was the first time they kissed and that in February he gave her a memento from that precious moment.

“Actually for Valentine’s Day he bought me the rug, the whole outfits, and the little genie lamps,” Kim stated. Kimmel said, “So I do own that rug.” Kimmel told the K’s that Pete had ordered a huge bouquet of flowers for them to commemorate their appearance. Kimmel asked, “Does it make the other boyfriends look worse?”

Kendall didn’t know about Pete’s generous gift until Kimmel revealed it to her. However, she wasn’t mad that Devin Booker, her boyfriend, wasn’t taking up his floral game. She revealed that she watches every Phoenix Suns shooting guard’s game unless she has other engagements. She is usually watching him, for example, remove the L.A. Lakers playoff contention, on her phone from wherever she is. She said that she has been a basketball fan since childhood, recalling that Khloe and she used to go to basketball games together.

As the only K-sis, Khloe stated that it was good to take a break [from dating] too. We don’t have to rush it. If something’s meant to be it will be.” The sisters also played a game where they tried to guess iconic quotes from Keeping Up With the Kardashians as read by random people at an L.A. farmer’s market.

The Kardashians will debut on Hulu on April 14.

Watch Kimmel’s Kardashians below.

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