Justin Aaron’s ‘Gift’ Is on Show During ‘The Voice’ Knockouts

Justin Aaron’s ‘Gift’ Is on Show During ‘The Voice’ Knockouts

It’s a “gift,” Gwen Stefani remarked, and he took it to “another level.”

Justin Aaron performs on NBC's

Justin Aaron performs on NBC’s “The Voice”


Gwen Stefani has made some solid choices in season 22 of NBC’s The Voice, and on Monday night (Nov. 7), she had some tough choices to make.

One of those solid choices is Justin Aaron, who impressed with a performance of “Glory” by Common and John Legend. Aaron, a paraeducator from Junction City, Kansas, lifted the spirts once again during the Battles, when he faced off against Destiny Leigh with a rendition of Mary J. Blige’s “No More Drama.”

The competitors are now at the Knockouts stage. As the name suggests, there are no second chances.



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Aaron went up against fellow Team Gwen performers Cara Brindisi and Kayla von der Heide, for what panned out to be an impressive round. And a tough choice for Gwen.

“I’m so emotional right now, we had so much fun together,” she explained, stifling tears. “Just to be able to share and to, like, watch you grow, is just so unbelievably fulfilling to me,” she added. “I’m just proud, can you tell I’m proud right now.”

There could be only one, and it was Aaron who progressed to the Live rounds.

When Aaron performed for Stefani during rehearsals, she explained, “I was like, ‘there was no swag. And it was, like, 10 times flirtier on this stage right now. It was so good.”

What he’s got, it’s a “gift,” she remarked, and he took it to “another level.”

There’s so much more to come, the former No Doubt singer reckons. “He doesn’t fully realize how gifted he is. He’s so coachable. There’s no way that America’s not going to fall in love with him. We’re just getting started.”

Watch below.

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