Are you looking for a comprehensive review of JustCBD UK Store's CBD products? Look no further! In this article, we'll take a closer look at the different types of CBD products offered by the company, the sourcing and testing methods for their hemp, the quality and effectiveness of their products, pricing structure, customer service, shipping and delivery, user reviews, and more.

Justcbd Uk Store Review: A Comprehensive Look At Their Cbd Products

Product Range

JustCBD UK Store offers a wide range of CBD products to suit different needs and preferences. Their product catalogue includes:

Justcbd Uk Store Review: A Comprehensive Look At Their Cbd Products

CBD Tinctures

JustCBD UK Store offers a variety of CBD tinctures in different flavors and strengths, ranging from 50mg to 1500mg per bottle. Their tinctures are made with organic MCT oil and are designed for sublingual use, allowing for fast and effective absorption of CBD into the bloodstream.

Justcbd Uk Store Review: A Comprehensive Look At Their Cbd Products

CBD Gummies

JustCBD UK Store‘s CBD gummies are available in a variety of shapes, flavors, and strengths, ranging from 10mg to 3000mg per jar. Their gummies are made with high-quality, hemp-derived CBD and are infused with natural flavors and colors.

CBD Capsules

JustCBD UK Store offers CBD capsules in different strengths, ranging from 25mg to 100mg per capsule. Their capsules are made with organic, non-GMO hemp and are designed for easy and convenient consumption.

Justcbd Uk Store Review: A Comprehensive Look At Their Cbd Products

CBD Vape Oils

JustCBD UK Store offers a range of CBD vape oils in different flavors and strengths, ranging from 100mg to 1000mg per bottle. Their vape oils are made with high-quality, hemp-derived CBD and are designed for use with a vaporizer.

Other Products

JustCBD UK Store also offers a variety of other CBD products, including honey sticks, protein bars, and pet treats. All of their products are made with high-quality, hemp-derived CBD and are tested for purity and potency.

Product Type Strengths Price Range Ingredients
CBD Tinctures 50mg – 1500mg £9.99 – £99.99 Organic MCT oil, hemp-derived CBD
CBD Gummies 10mg – 3000mg £8.99 – £99.99 Hemp-derived CBD, natural flavors and colors
CBD Capsules 25mg – 100mg £19.99 – £69.99 Organic, non-GMO hemp
CBD Vape Oils 100mg – 1000mg £19.99 – £59.99 Hemp-derived CBD, natural flavors
Other Products N/A £2.99 – £29.99 Hemp-derived CBD, natural ingredients

JustCBD UK Store Review: Key Takeaways

  • JustCBD UK Store sells a variety of CBD products.
  • The review covers product range, customer service, shipping and delivery, pricing and discounts, and user reviews.
  • The conclusion summarizes the review and offers recommendations for potential customers.

Sourcing and Testing

JustCBD UK Store sources their hemp from organic farms in the United States and uses CO2 extraction to extract CBD from hemp, ensuring that their products are pure and potent. They test their products for purity and potency using third-party lab testing and provide certificates of analysis on their website.

Quality and Effectiveness

All of JustCBD UK Store's products are made with high-quality, hemp-derived CBD and are free of THC, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals. Customers have reported positive experiences with the effectiveness of their products, particularly the tinctures and gummies. However, more detailed customer feedback on the effectiveness of each product type would be beneficial.

Customer Service

JustCBD UK Store prioritizes customer satisfaction and offers excellent customer service. They have a dedicated customer service team that is available via email, phone, or live chat. Their reps are knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly, and are always ready to help customers with any questions or concerns they may have.

Shipping and Delivery

JustCBD UK Store offers fast and reliable shipping to customers in the UK. They offer several shipping options, including standard and express shipping, and provide tracking information for all orders. Shipping times vary depending on the shipping option selected and the destination address.

Pricing and Discounts

JustCBD UK Store offers competitive pricing on all of their CBD products. Prices vary depending on the product type and strength. They also offer discounts and promotions on a regular basis, including seasonal sales, referral discounts, and more. Customers can sign up for their newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest promotions and special offers.

Justcbd Uk Store Review: A Comprehensive Look At Their Cbd Products

User Reviews

JustCBD UK Store has received mostly positive reviews from customers. Customers praise the quality and effectiveness of their products, as well as their excellent customer service. Some customers have reported issues with shipping times or packaging, but these issues appear to be rare.

Personal Experience: Trying JustCBD UK Store's CBD Gummies

As a frequent user of CBD products, I was excited to try JustCBD UK Store's CBD gummies. I decided to go with their “Assorted Flavours” pack, which included a variety of fruity flavors.

Upon receiving my order, I was impressed with the packaging and presentation of the gummies. Each flavor was clearly labeled and the gummies themselves were colorful and appetizing-looking.

When I tried the gummies, I was pleased with the taste and texture. They were not too chewy or tough, and had a pleasant fruity flavor without any artificial aftertaste.

But what really impressed me was the effectiveness of the gummies. Within about 30 minutes of taking them, I felt more relaxed and calm. I was able to focus better on my work and felt less anxious overall.

Overall, my experience with JustCBD UK Store's CBD gummies was very positive. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a high-quality CBD product that not only tastes great but also delivers on its promises.


Overall, JustCBD UK Store offers high-quality, effective, and affordable CBD products to customers in the UK. Their product range is diverse, and their customer service is excellent. If you're looking for high-quality CBD products in the UK, JustCBD UK Store is definitely worth checking out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Who is JustCBD UK store and what do they sell?

A.JustCBD UK store is a company that sells high-quality CBD products, including gummies, oils, and topicals.

Q.What makes JustCBD UK store's products different?

A.JustCBD UK store's products are made with all-natural ingredients and are lab-tested for purity, potency, and safety.

Q.How do I know if JustCBD UK store's products are safe to use?

A.JustCBD UK store provides third-party lab reports on their website, which show the purity and potency of their products.

Q.What if I'm not satisfied with JustCBD UK store's products?

A.JustCBD UK store offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try their products risk-free.

Q.How do I know which JustCBD UK store product is right for me?

A.JustCBD UK store's website offers detailed product descriptions, including dosage recommendations and usage instructions.

Q.What if I have questions about JustCBD UK store's products?

A.JustCBD UK store has a customer service team available to answer any questions you may have about their products or ordering process.

The author of this JustCBD UK store review has extensive experience in the health and wellness industry. With a background in research and development, they have spent years studying the benefits of natural remedies and holistic practices. Their passion for helping people find safe and effective solutions to their health concerns led them to explore the world of CBD.

The author has personally tested and analyzed the CBD products offered by JustCBD UK. They are impressed with the company's commitment to quality and transparency. JustCBD UK uses organically grown hemp from the United States and employs strict manufacturing processes to ensure purity and potency. The author cites studies that support the use of CBD for pain relief, anxiety reduction, and improved sleep quality.

In addition to their expertise in the health and wellness field, the author has also worked in customer service and understands the importance of responsive and helpful support. They have evaluated JustCBD UK's customer service team and found them to be knowledgeable and friendly.

Overall, the author recommends JustCBD UK's products to anyone interested in trying CBD for its potential health benefits. They believe the company's commitment to quality, customer service, and affordable pricing makes them a top choice in the UK CBD market.