Japan’s LiSA Set to Release Netflix Original Documentary ‘Another Great Day’

Japan’s LiSA Set to Release Netflix Original Documentary ‘Another Great Day’

The film exploring her 10th anniversary year is due this fall.


Courtesy of Billboard Japan

J-pop artist LiSA is set to release a Netflix documentary entitled LiSA Another Great Day, chronicling the veteran anime singer’s 10th-anniversary project.

LiSA has a loyal following both in her home country and around the world for her numerous anime hits, some of the most recent being the openers of the hugely popular Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba series and movie. The documentary will be the first Netflix original movie by a Japanese solo artist and marks the conclusion of the 34-year-old’s solo debut 10th-anniversary project entitled LiiiiiiiiiiSA, in progress since last April.

Directed by Taketoshi Sado — who recently helmed Haruomi Hosono’s U.S. Tour documentary Sayonara America — the film looks back at the ups and downs of the “Homura” singer’s career while exploring how she heads into a new phase during her 10th anniversary year. The film shows the human side of the artist, as she strives to make every day as good as possible in the creative environment that allows her songs and live performances to be born.

“LiSA is a superstar, but she’s also an ordinary person who feels anxiety in her daily life,” shares Sado. “Trouble seems like it follows her around for some reason while she’s working. But I can always relate how she overcomes those difficulties and continues to grow every day. It’s my great pleasure to share her true face with Netflix viewers around the world.”

LiSA Another Great Day is due this fall.

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