Jack Harlow Co-Hosts ‘Tonight Show,’Talks Freestyling in Car With His Mom, Sinks Michael Myers Head in Game

Jack Harlow Co-Hosts ‘Tonight Show,’Talks Freestyling in Car With His Mom, Sinks Michael Myers Head in Game

He also helped Jimmy with the #AddAWordRuinAHorrorMovie bit.

Jimmy Fallon jack harlow

Jimmy Fallon and guest co-host Jack Harlow on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on October 6, 2022.

Todd Owyoung/NBC

Jack Harlow is as smooth as a fresh paint job. The “Churchill Downs” rapper looked totally chill co-hosting The Tonight Show on Thursday night (Oct. 6), helping host Jimmy Fallon with some bits, playing a hoops-related game and co-interviewing NBA legend Dwayne Wade during his episode-long visit.

Harlow did some couch time too, chilling with Fallon to talk about his new album, Come Home the Kids Miss You and thanking Jimmy for being “early” to get his vibe and having him on The Tonight Show, as well as for appearing in the video for “First Class.” In fact, Jack noted that he tried to perform Fergie’s “Fergalicious” in 5th grade at a talent show — he sampled Fergie’s “Glamorous” on “Class” — “and you know the lyrics are suggestive, I guess,” he said, recalling that he was cut off mid-way through the audition.

He said, “They’re like ‘You can’t do that.'” “So that’s how my rapper origin story.” He also spoke about how he used freestyle in the car with mom when he was younger. She would also drop her own off-the -the-dome rhymes. Harlow spoke of his mom’s dark flow and said that he believed him.

“She would say things I can’t even say on live TV,” he laughed, cueing up a clip of one of his earliest raps in which a pint-sized Harlow drops hard bars about birthday parties.

And, because he’s starring in the upcoming remake of White Men Can’t Jump, of course Jimmy had Jack participate in a “Random Object Shootout,” which had both men trying to hurl everything from a pumpkin to a cornucopia filled with eyeballs (which Harlow nailed) and a vase full of applesauce into a regulation height basket. Check the tape, Jack also sank the sauce and a Michael Myers Halloween head. He also stuck around to help with the beloved segment #AddAWordRuinAHorrorMovie segment.

Watch Jack Harlow on The Tonight Show below.

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