Irving & Shelli Azoff Honored by Gwen Stefani, Meghan Trainor & More at Wallis Annenberg Event

Irving & Shelli Azoff Honored by Gwen Stefani, Meghan Trainor & More at Wallis Annenberg Event

BEVERLY HILLS — After many years of postponements due to pandemics, Irving as well as Shelli Azoff were honored by the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts of Beverly Hills on Wednesday night with a local who-‘s-who gala featuring their friends, family, and supporters.

Shelli was not there.

Mrs. Azoff, Irving’s wife of more than four decades and business partner on a variety of projects, was home sick with COVID-19. It was disappointing, but it was not surprising. In true power couple fashion, they brought in Kris Jenner the Kardashian Jenner family matriarch and a longtime friend. James Corden ,, who was the emcee, said that she considered herself to be the best manager in the world. Jenner explained to the audience that this was a fitting turn of events.

Jenner, who was a stand-in for Irving, said, “Let’s face it, this is the most Shelli Azoff action of all time.” “She demanded that every single one of you… come to this event tonight. She tortures us about every thing, we’re afraid if we don’t come because we’re going to get in so much trouble. But Shelli isn’t here, she’s devastated not to be here tonight

Even without Shelli, the event was a huge success for The Wallis and the Azoffs, as the performance center is often referred to. Together, they raised $2.6 million to support education, access, participation, equity and inclusion across a variety of programs there, with 340 guests in attendance contributing anywhere from $1,000 per ticket to $100,000 for the Platinum Patron package (which featured 10 tickets). Irving’s clients Meghan Trainor, Gwen Stefani and John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival all performed to close the evening, which also included a buffet dinner. Ellen DeGeneres , and After years and postponements, Irving , and Shelli Azoff were honored by the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on Wednesday night. The event included a who’s who gala with their friends, family, and supporters. They were joined by Rob Light Ted Sarandos Cindy Crawford , and Rande Gerber , Giant Music chief Shawn Holiday , Full Stop Management COO Brandon Creed , and his partner, Irving Jeffrey Jefrey HTML13­, and their son, HTML13-fans, to rafters, which was raised to, -show). (That same night, Jeffrey’s client Harry Styles, wrapped a 15-show run at New York’s Madison Square Garden, becoming just the third musician ever to have a banner raised to rafters in his honor. )

The video presentation, which honored the power couple, also featured John Mayer , Adam Levine and Jon Bon Jovi, as well as Universal Music Group CEO LucianGrainge , Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner.

Even though Shelli was not there, it didn’t stop her from mild roasting. Corden praised the star manager’s managerial skills, but he also criticized his wife’s business acumen. Corden said that Irving has worked with everyone, including The Eagles, Nicki Mnaj, and Maroon 5. He’s touched every corner of the music industry. Let’s put it this way: If you snorted cocaine off a CD case in the ’90s, Irving Azoff produced that CD. If the cocaine was good, Shelli .”

would give you that CD.

Corden continued, “As I stand up on stage hosting this event, and think about Shelli it reminds me a story my father used to tell me when I was a child. He said, “Son, there’s no favor Shelli Azoff can’t at some point be called in. ‘”

The theme of the evening was heartfelt and honored Irving’s success, Shelli’s success, while Shelli has many of her own. Corden said, “But I love Shelli, Irving, Shelli, and Shelli more than Irving — and that’s true for all of us tonight.” Irving and Shelli received a lot of praise from their family, friends, and Irving’s top clients. But it was Mayer who made a promise that he might regret: “You know what? 30%,” he said, referencing the cut his manager would take. “30% to the both of you.”

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