Interactive: Create a path to the College Football Playoff for top contenders

Interactive: Create a path to the College Football Playoff for top contenders

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The Allstate Playoff Predictor breaks down which teams have the best chance to make this season’s
College Football Playoff.


Championship Week is here.

And that means the remaining College Football Playoff contenders
have one more chance to impress the committee by securing an all-important conference

Since the playoff began in 2014, 27 of the 32 playoff participants have been conference
champions. And while Georgia enters the SEC title game as a near-lock to make it regardless of result,
the other contenders playing this weekend are facing must-win stakes.

So who will make it this
year? Make your picks below and see what the Allstate Playoff Predictor says.

Don’t like your
results? Switch up your picks and try it again.


Pick the teams you believe will win the SEC, Big 12, ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 championship games.
Each team’s percentage chance to win the game is in black, while its chance to make the playoff is
in gray.

Win %

(CFP chances)

Win %

Potential Chaos Points

Ohio State and Alabama are idle during conference championship weekend but are lurking, hoping one
of the big four contenders — Georgia, Michigan, TCU and USC — slip up for a chance at the

In 2014, TCU was idle during conference championship weekend and was infamously over
taken by Ohio State. Now that the Big 12 championship game has returned, can the Horned Frogs take
advantage and stay undefeated against a Kansas State team they eked past in October?

going 4-8 in 2021, USC, led by coach Lincoln Riley and QB Caleb Williams, is 11-1 and on the cusp of
its first CFP appearance. But can the Trojans beat Utah, the only team to hand them a loss this

What about Michigan? The Wolverines scored four touchdowns of at least 60 yards, but
have shown they can be vulnerable, narrowly beating Illinois and Maryland. Can a veteran Purdue team
upset Jim Harbaugh’s squad?

If anyone trips up, the committee will have a decision to make.
How does it view Ohio State, which lost only to a top-three Michigan team? Does Alabama, with two
last-second road losses, both to top-10 teams, by a combined four points, have what it takes to
sneak into the top four?

Until the committee releases its updated rankings on Tuesday, these numbers assume the updated AP poll as the latest committee rankings to better account for the current state.

Your Final Results

Of course, it’s the committee decision which teams feel vindicated and which will inevitably call
foul, but this is what Playoff Predictor says the top five could look like if you chose correctly.

Chance it happens

How likely is it you picked all games correctly? Here’s Playoff Predictor’s take.

Run the numbers again

Sorry this is too unlikely, Try again!

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