Interactive: Create a path to the CFP for top contenders

Interactive: Create a path to the CFP for top contenders

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The Allstate Playoff Predictor breaks down which teams have the best chance to make this season’s College Football Playoff.


We are only a month away from conference championship weekend. You think you know who the final four standings will be? 431

The Allstate Playoff Predictor has been predicting which teams will be in the College Football Playoff for eight years. It has been quite accurate, if not for our own good. All eight champions were given at least a 65% chance to make the CFP before their championship season even began.

We give you the opportunity to choose a team and determine how it will fare. The Allstate Playoff Predictor will use your choices to determine whether that team is likely to be one the four CFP semifinalists.

Choose one team

These are the 11 teams with the highest-percent chance to make the CFP, ordered from most to least likely.

How does selected-team finish the remainder of the regular season?

No team has ever made it to the playoff with more than one loss. There is no way for a two-loss team to make it to the playoff. However, if a team loses three or more times, they are out of the playoff.

Which team-value does selected-team lose to?

The three toughest opponents on the schedule are listed here with the percentage chance selected-team wins. Select ‘team-count’.

Does selected-team win its conference title game?

The College Football Playoff committee greatly values conference championships (27 of 32 CFP selections have been conference champs), but it’s not a requirement.

selected-team’s Chances

If the season plays out exactly as you’ve selected, the Allstate Playoff Predictor says this is your postseason outlook.

Sorry, this scenario either isn’t possible or did not play out in enough of the 200,000 simulations run by the Allstate Playoff Predictor to be analyzed.

These are your team’s chances to win every game left on its schedule, according to the Allstate Playoff Predictor.

Week 10 games that matter to the CFP race

Tennessee-Georgia and Alabama-LSU meet with a ton at stake both in the SEC and in the overall playoff picture.

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