Haas boss: Not all F1 GPs need to be like Miami

Haas boss: Not all F1 GPs need to be like Miami

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BARCELONA, Spain — After the hype and excitement of the Miami Grand Prix, this weekend’s race in Spain feels like a return to normality for Formula One.

Miami joined Austin, Texas, as a U.S. F1 race host this year, and the May 8 event had a Super Bowl feel to it, with events promoting the race all week and a paddock crammed with celebrities and sporting icons.

Lewis Hamilton played golf with Tom Brady ahead of the weekend and spent the hours before the race showing Michael Jordan around the Mercedes garage.

A third U.S. race, the Las Vegas Grand Prix, joins the schedule next year and is expected to raise the bar even higher. This weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix has less ceremony. The Circuit de Catalunya, northeast of Barcelona, has been a mainstay on the schedule since 1991 and usually doubles up as a preseason testing venue, meaning ceremony around the race is often lacking.

Guenther Steiger, the boss of America’s F1 team, Haas said that Miami’s approach doesn’t need to be the standard for other countries. events.

Steiner was asked if Spain needs to be more competitive in light of Miami. Steiner replied: “I think there are so many types of events now. We don’t have the stereotype racetrack like in the ’80s where everything was the same at each race. It didn’t have to be the same. We have discovered that there are many ways to do this.

” While there are many people in both Austin and Miami, they are very different events in terms of how they are organized. It was a normal race before that, and then it was Monte Carlo.

“Spain could stay Spain if it wants — I don’t think Spain has to be in Miami. If they can make it work as it is, I believe Spain can have what they want. Many people come to Spain to watch racing cars. They also love to party and go to Miami for these events. You have the freedom to choose what you do. “

AlphaTauri driver Pierre Gasly, who joked that photographers and camera operators will not be chasing celebrities around this weekend like they were in Miami, suggested existing promoters should look at what made that race so special.

“Personally, I do feel Miami is more the sort of F1 vibe and atmosphere you think of when you think about Formula One,” he said. “I thought it was really cool — it’s what I like. Entertainment is what I love, and that’s why America is my favorite country. You see the same type of shows when you go to NBA and NFL. F1 has taken this kind of direction and put on a wild show in Miami. I can’t wait for what they do in Las Vegas. “

The Spanish Grand Prix will be broadcast live on ESPN2 at 8 p.m. 55 a.m. ET.

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