Chris Rock’s Mom Calls Out Will Smith’s Oscars Ban: ‘You Don’t Even Go Every Year’

Chris Rock’s Mom Calls Out Will Smith’s Oscars Ban: ‘You Don’t Even Go Every Year’

Chris Rock‘s mom, Rose Rock, is sharing her thoughts on Will Smith slapping her son at the 2022 Oscars ceremony one month removed from the moment.

Rock, an author and motivational speaker, told WIS that the comedian is doing well but “still processing” the incident that led Smith to resign from the Academy. The organization has since announced that Smith, who won best actor for his performance in King Richard, is banned from all events, including the Oscars ceremonies, for the next 10 years.



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“I told someone that Chris slapped Chris and he slapped us all, but he really slapped my child,” Rose Rock said. “When you hurt my child .”

, you hurt me

When asked what she would tell Smith, Rock said, “I don’t know what I would say.” She explained that she didn’t know what to say, other than, “What in the world was you thinking?”. Chris could have stepped backwards and fallen. You could have been taken out in handcuffs. You didn’t realize it. You didn’t think.

Regarding the 10-year ban, she said, “What does that mean? Rock pointed out that Smith was not entitled to an Oscar. She then said, “What does that mean?” Rock continued by saying she was “really, truly proud” of her son’s reaction.

She also said that she didn’t believe Smith’s Instagram apology for the ceremony felt sincere. Rock stated that he didn’t apologize for his actions. “His people wrote a piece saying, ‘I apologize Chris Rock’ but it is personal. You reach out.”

Smith’s slap came after Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith having a shaved hair. Since the Oscars, the comedian has largely kept his mouth shut.

Chris’ brother Kenny Rock said earlier this month to the Los Angeles Times , that he didn’t believe Smith’s apology was genuine.

This article originally appeared on The Hollywood Reporter.

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