As gas prices remain high, Fox Nation drills down on oil-rich areas in America

As gas prices remain high, Fox Nation drills down on oil-rich areas in America

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With new government regulations stifling America’s oil and gas industry, Fox Nation visits oil-rich areas across the country in search of answers on why we aren’t drilling our way to energy independence.

From the Permian Basin in Texas to permitted lands in Wyoming to the former site of the Keystone pipeline, there is evidence that, long before President Biden sanctioned Russia in the wake of its invasion into Ukraine, his administration had slowed the flow of oil — with moves like the closure of the Keystone XL pipeline, many argue, contributing to the pain Americans nationwide are feeling at the pump.


“I don’t think we’re gonna get relief at the pump,” warned financial correspondent Jackie DeAngelis at the Fox Nation and Fox Business co-hosted Energy Independence Live Summit in late March.


gas prices skyrocketing

, a new ban on Russian oil due to Vladimir Putin’s war, and the crisis in Ukraine still unfolding, the panel of experts at the event dug into the global energy market and how it could impact America’s future — with all expressing the resounding concern that it won’t be positive.

DeAngelis, who hosts the new Fox Nation special “Bone Dry,” addressed the live audience at Rucci Oil in Staten Island, NY, ahead of its release, blaming the Biden administration for being “hostile” to the fossil fuel industry.

A sign displays the current gas price at an Aloha gas station in Waialua, Oahu, HI. March, 28, 2022. (Fox News)

A sign shows the current gas price at Aloha gas station in Waialua (Oahu), HI. March, 28, 2022. (Fox News)
(Angelica Stabile/Fox News)

“No more subsidies for fossil fuel industry. No more drilling on federal lands. No more drilling, even offshore. She adds that there is no way for the oil industry to continue drilling, period.


Per the AAA, the record for the highest national gas average was reached on March 11, the cost for regular unleaded gas peaking at a whopping $4. 33 per gallon. The national average gas price is $4. 11, with western states paying as much as $5. 76 per gallon.

According to data collected by the Energy Information Administration, the national gas price average when Biden took office was $2.38.

“Now, it’s the oil industry versus the administration,” DeAngelis warns.

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