Ari Lennox Talks New Album ‘Age/Sex/Location’ and Her Bond With Summer Walker

Ari Lennox Talks New Album ‘Age/Sex/Location’ and Her Bond With Summer Walker

After releasing the stellar debut album ‘Shea Butter Baby’ in 2019, Ari Lennox’s road to self-discovery defines her latest release, ‘Age/Sex/Location. ‘

Ari Lennox puts herself first. Last month, the DMV native released her sophomore album, age/sex/location, after amassing incredible success with the project’s first single and Hot 100 hit, “Pressure.” The 12-track effort highlights Lennox’s liberating road to self-care and is an entrancing listen for R&B lovers and hapless romantics.



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In her latest Billboard News interview, Lennox states that it’s a beautiful thing to be single. “Dating can be difficult. It’s hard to date. I have been focusing on self-love, and pouring into myself.

Lennox acknowledges that her insatiable attempts at romance kept her from focusing on her true love: herself. She says, “First, it’s all about moving with intention and being aware of what you are doing, not just aimlessly, or mindlessly moving around.” Songs like “POF”, “Waste My Time,” and similar songs show Lennox refocusing on herself and learning to be more accountable on the dating scene. She says, “I’m also aware of the fact that there’s a lot happening inside, which would make it easy for me to be drawn to the red flags and terrible dates.” “I recognize that “POF” doesn’t have that much accountability.”

After stitching together her acclaimed debut album, Shea Butter Baby, in 2019, Lennox has bloomed into a surefire star in R&B and soul alongside her sister-in-arms, Summer Walker. The vivacious twosome first paired up on Walker’s 2021 “Unloyal” before linking back on Lennox’s newest record, “Queen Space.”

Lennox said, “Summer’s that girl.” “Summer’s an IT Girl. She is modern R&B and amazing. She is a leader and a master at it. I am humbled that she has shown me love all my life. We reached out to Summer, and ‘Queen Space” felt incomplete until Summer sent the verse. It changed my life. Cole came in and helped me to add a beautiful prechorus that wasn’t there. It made me fall in love all over again .”

Watch her complete interview with Billboard News .

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