Amazon Music Unlimited Price Going Up for Prime Subscribers

Amazon Music Unlimited Price Going Up for Prime Subscribers

Prime subscribers can now save a dollar per month by choosing Amazon’s premium streaming services over a competitor like Spotify.

Amazon Music Unlimited Price Going Up

Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon Prime customers will soon enjoy a smaller discount on their music streaming needs. The ubiquitous digital giant has announced that it will raise the price of its all-you can-eat Amazon Music Unlimited streaming service from $7 to $8. 99 for Prime subscribers, up a buck from $7. 99 per month.

For those paying a one-and-done annual rate for AMU, the discounted price for Primers is also going up, from $79 to $89 per year. Prime subscribers can stream only from one device, such as an Echo, but the single-device plan costs $3. 99 to $4. 99 per month.

Announced in an new FAQ, the updated pricing goes into effect on May 5.

The price increase reduces the financial benefits that Prime subscribers received by choosing AMU over Apple Music and Spotify, which costs $9. 99 per month for their premium tiers. Non-Prime subscribers who want AMU, which boasts of having 75 million tracks in lossless HD quality but with millions more in Ultra HD and a growing stable of spatial audio offerings, also pay the industry standard price of $9.99.

A family plan available to only Prime subscribers appears unchanged at $14. 99/month or $149/year.

On March 25, the price of an Amazon Prime subscription went up from $119 to $139 per year. So, beginning May 5 a person wanting a standard Prime subscription plus a year of Amazon Music Unlimited will be spending $228 per year. A month ago that bundle would have cost a music-loving Prime devotee $198 per year.

Amazon doesn’t break out numbers for AMU, its true Spotify competitor, and the last time it disclosed how many subscribers it had across its many tiers — Prime Music, AMU, its single device plan and others — was early 2020 when it put the figure at “more than 55 million.”

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