A new way to Getaway

A new way to Getaway

At Getaway, the beauty is in the simplicity. These small cabins are located less than two hours away from major cities, but are surrounded with nature. They strike the perfect balance between convenience as well as escape.

I recently visited the new location north of Seattle in a beautiful area called the Skagit Valley. The black, rectangular-shaped cabins are located in a forest area just an hour and a quarter north of the city. The property is set up in a similar way to a campground, with campsites located near each other in different drivable loops. However, the experience could not have been more different.

Every campground I’ve visited is a noisy mess of people where I get very little sleep and have to rely on the tent for privacy. The solitude of Getaway’s sites is central. Neighbors are nearby but not far away. My cabin’s huge window overlooked a large cedar tree, small creek, and a bunch of ferns, instead of looking out at another camper or tent.

My Getaway could not have come at a better moment. I felt overwhelmed by work and life stress in the weeks before my visit. It was difficult to let go of it. I was unable to relax emotionally or physically.

The Getaway cabins are minimalistic and have a natural wood interior that houses a small kitchenette with a bathroom, dining table and a large comfortable bed. I kept the window shades up for the entire weekend and read from my bed, occasionally looking out to see the birds and squirrels in the trees outside. I was able to use my cell phone, but there is no internet at these campgrounds. This made it very easy to unplug. For those who wish to put down all technology during their stay, the cabins include a small phone lockbox.

Aside from the cabins, there is a picnic table, Adirondack chair, and a fire ring. You can purchase firewood and s’mores kit, as well as basic items like tea and coffee. Although the Skagit Valley property is near many hiking trails and small towns that can be explored, it’s possible to stay in the cabin and enjoy the peace and tranquility. There are a few short, forested hiking trails on the property that will get you moving if you feel the need.

A Getaway property offers everything you need to cook and prepare meals indoors and outdoors. The showers come with plush bath towels, shampoo and conditioner, as well as biodegradable soap. The company offers 15% discounts to military personnel, veterans, first responders, health care professionals, and others.

Getaway currently has locations in Washington State and other states, including California, Michigan, Texas. Mississippi, Tennessee. Georgia. North Carolina. Virginia. Ohio. There are many new locations in the pipeline and more are planned. It’s not surprising that travelers seek out ways to escape in this age of constant connectivity.

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